VOX Two notes – V212C 2×12 G12M (Open Back)


The V212C 2×12 open back VOX cabinet speaker impulse response. Fully compatible with Two notes Wall of Sound.

Please note Two note products only work in the Wall of Sound and in no other software because of the proprietary format.

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The VOX cabinet speaker impulse response provides a highly-accurate digital representation of the iconic VOX V212C 2×12 open back cab. This cabinet has an unmistakably VOX tone: it comes loaded with two Celestion G12M Greenbacks and delivers clarity and warmth thanks to its open back construction.This VOX V212C 2×12 open back cabinet speaker impulse response was created for full compatibility with the Two notes Wall of Sound environment.

If you need help redeeming/downloading your new Celestion Two notes IRs please follow this guide.

What does it sound like?

Listen to a sample of this Impulse Response below.