Bass IRs by Speaker

Celestion’s new range of impulse responses includes a number of options for bass players, featuring some of our best-selling bass guitar speakers. We’ve used the same impulse response capture process for these bass IRs as we use for our guitar speaker IRs.

In particular, this meant selecting the most appropriate microphones for recording bass guitar.

Each speaker has been recorded in the most popular cabinet combinations for that speaker type, with three different microphones – a Sennheiser MD421, Neumann U47 FET and AKG D112 – each in six different positions (the same six positions used for recording our regular IRs) for additional tonal variety, creating an extensive IR library for each speaker.

Also included is a room mic recording using a Neumann TLM 107 (the same room mic used for our regular IRs).

A new addition for our bass impulse responses is an extra high frequency recording (using a Neumann KM84), which can be used on its own or mixed with one of the other microphones to add an extra bit of ‘zing’ to the top-end.

As usual, we’ve also included a selection of extra mic mixes for you to experiment with, including:

All mics
All mics+Room Stereo
All mics+Room Mono

Also available, as separate add on options, are new ‘Playing Style’ packs, which have optimised the IRs for a range of different playing methods: Finger basic, Finger warmth detail, Plectrum (Pick) basic, Plectrum (Pick) aggressive and Slap.

Explore the options below to find out more



A bass guitarist’s dream, the PULSE10 impulse response delivers firm lows and plenty of articulation.



With massive depth and superb definition, the PULSE15 impulse response is a true bass powerhouse.