IR Microphones and Mix Information


We employed 3 industry standard professional recording microphones:

  • Royer R-121
  • Sennheiser MD421
  • Shure SM57

Along with a pair of Neumann TLM 107s for the room.

Mic Placements

For each of the spot microphones, there are 6 different types of microphone-specific impulse responses, each one representing a different mic placement. The placement variations are:

  • Balanced
  • Dark
  • Dark 2
  • Bright
  • Fat
  • Thin

Together this provides 18 core IR files per cabinet.

Additionally there are impulse responses recorded by separate room mics (two Neumann TLM 107) that have captured the ambient response of the live room, there are three of these recordings: Left, Right and Stereo.

Open back cabinet options also include a single rear mic ‘SM57 Rear’. This is located in the SM57 folder and is also used on the mix using all mics.  We suggest blending this with the front SM57 for a fuller sound.

Additional Mic Mixes

Also, included in the package for each cabinet type are a number of different mic mixes, each is included twice; tailored for lower and higher gain guitar sounds.

  • 4 Microphone mixes:
    • R-121+MD421
    • R-121+SM57
    • MD421+SM57
    • and all three together, R-121+MD421+SM57
  • All three mics together with room microphones added in both mono and stereo are available.