Celestion F12-X200

The Celestion F12-X200 is the world’s first Full Range LIVE Response guitar speaker, designed and built especially for amp modellers and IRs!



Celestion has designed and built the world’s first Full Range LIVE Response guitar speaker, created especially for the guitarists around the world who use impulse responses with modelling and profiling amps.

Capable of delivering a frequency response from 60Hz right up to 20kHz using its inbuilt high-quality crossover circuit, the F12-X200 can reproduce the full spectrum of audible frequencies with truly accurate output, whatever your emulated set-up or environment.

The Celestion F12-X200 exhibits a neutral response with its integral technology ensuring no unwanted colouration overpowers the input signal. This Celestion guitar speaker’s light moving mass and straighter-sided, lightweight paper cone combined with its ceramic magnet and 2” voice coil gives it all the physical feedback you’d expect from playing through a classic guitar rig.

The Celestion F12-X200 is available to buy from Thomann and Sweetwater.

Free ‘Gods of Thunder’ IR Mix

To celebrate the delayed release of the F12-X200 (and by way of apology for its lateness!) we’re offering a FREE download of our iconic ‘Gods of Thunder’ IR Mix to use with your new F12-X200 speaker!

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What is the ‘Gods of Thunder’ Mix?

First, all three spot mics (Royer R-121, Sennheiser MD421 and Shure SM57) were “simultaneously” located in the Dark 2 position of a G12-65 4×12 cab and mixed together to deliver a sound of both colossal weight and thrilling detail…. and then we took the mix to another level!

Next up a Royer 121 mic on a G12H-75 Creamback 4×12 cab, again in the Dark 2 location, adding supplementary low end and turning the G12-65 darkness into rolling thunder. An SM57 at the rear of a Creamback H 1×12 cab and a G12-65 4×12 room mic complete the mix by adding ambience, space and three dimensional complexity for a tone that’s big enough to fill the halls of Valhalla!