SpeakerMix Pro is a self-contained studio grade plug-in, dedicated to bringing ground-breaking levels of detail and realism to guitar and bass speaker tone on your digital audio workstation.

Much more than a simple convolution engine or IR loader, with SpeakerMix Pro you can track and mix up to six channels. That means you can combine up to six different speakers responses in any combination you choose, without worrying about real-world recording problems like phase matching.

SpeakerMix Pro is designed to work best with Celestion’s proprietary Dynamic Speaker Responses (DSRs), the next generation of Impulse Response that incorporates all the non-linear behaviour of a speaker in the real world to deliver unprecedented levels of tonal nuance. Got a large library of Celestion IR wav files? No problem, they’re fully compatible. Likewise, for other third party IR wav files and even IRs that you’ve recorded yourself: load them up and you can use them to mix stunning tone with SpeakerMix Pro.

Once you’ve found your perfect mix(es), you can save them as presets and return to them time and again or share them with friends!