CelestionPlus Impulse Response Testimonials


Thanks to all of our customers for the positive comments and feedback you have sent us! Here are just a few of the emails we have received about our new range of guitar impulse responses:

“Thank you!  The plugin and DSR’s sound amazing!  ”
– Chris Justice

“I purchased the 4×12 closed back V30, and I must say I am very impressed. I was about to give up and accept that IRs would never give me the level of detail that I am used to with a real cab, but these are incredible. Sounds just like my boogies through my 4×12 cabs.”
– Simon Genest

“I have used IRs from many of the more established sources. The difference between your Celestion IRs and all the rest is that most of the others bring with them a distinct coloration of a specific cabinet that I have to wrestle down with EQ and other means. The Celestion IRs, on the other hand, really seem to capture the essence of the particular speakers with very little, if any, extra work needed to get a great sound. V30s and Greenbacks have been go-to speakers for years, and they sound so clear that I could have easily picked them out of a lineup. I am really looking forward to more speaker choices! Thanks again.”
– Nate Farnsworth

“I’m loving the new IRs and they really sound amazing. My compliments to the Chefs.”
– Kevin Afflack

“I dropped a bunch of your IR’s into tunes I’m working on last night. Just brilliant. By far the most detailed IR I’ve used. The micing options having a room mic per cab and a rear mic on the open back cabs is outstanding and adds so much to the sound.

Brilliant work, can’t wait to buy more!”
– Matt Hodgson

“I have just finished a demo of your new Creamback 412 IR and I am blown away by the sound of your IR. Just like the actual speaker. Fantastic work by you guys.”
– Simon Gotthelf

“I just wanted to say thanks for making your impulse responses available in a universal format. As a Linux user, it’s hard to find companies making audio tools that aren’t tied to specific platforms or to plugins I can’t access. These IRs are fantastic and truly expand my palette. Thank you!
– Scott Houston

“I am really enjoying Celestion’s free Cenzo Townsend IR. It’s definitely worth the download.”
– Jimmy Parker

To share your thoughts, please email: digitalinfo@celestion.com