Partners in Tone

For many of the world’s best known guitarists, Celestion guitar speakers are an essential part of their sound. In some cases their relationship to particular Celestion speakers goes back decades. So what do our Partners in Tone make of our impulse responses? It seems Celestion IRs are starting to be just as popular as their physical counterparts for studio recordings, live performances or both. Here are just a few examples of their comments:

"Celestion Impulse Response Speakers are a Sonic Revelation…"

- Bob Rock

"The celestion IR’s make a laughing stock of the other ones out there. Finally…done right. Couldn’t be more impressed!"

- Steve Stevens, Billy Idol

"The IRs are absolutely stunning. I use them now live on all my sounds."

- Jeff Stinco, Simple Plan

"Love to use these IRs with my amps and with my Atomic Amplifire"

- Ed De Genaro, Ed De Genaro