Partners in Tone

For many of the world’s best known guitarists, engineers and producers, Celestion guitar speakers are an essential part of their sound. In some cases, their relationship to particular Celestion speakers goes back decades. Here some of our Partners in Tone describe their experiences with our guitar speaker responses – both our Impulse Responses and new DSRs.

"I absolutely love this plugin and the DSR’s that I've tried are great! The phase alignment feature is worth the price of admission alone. Room mics with the 3rd party option, impedance curve, EQs, A/B feature etc. It's freaking great!"

- Lincoln Brewster
George Lever

"The new SpeakerMix Pro plugin looks like a game changer, I really cannot wait to get my hands on everything. Every cone - every cab."

- George Lever, Producer

"Celestion Impulse Response Speakers are a Sonic Revelation…"

- Bob Rock

"The celestion IR’s make a laughing stock of the other ones out there. Finally…done right. Couldn’t be more impressed!"

- Steve Stevens, Billy Idol

"The IRs are absolutely stunning. I use them now live on all my sounds."

- Jeff Stinco, Simple Plan

"Love to use these IRs with my amps and with my Atomic Amplifire"

- Ed De Genaro

- Chris Wrate, Kelsea Ballerini

- Reid Johnson, Kelsea Ballerini

"The Celestion IRs are “everything”.  They’re the sound I have in my cabs, the sound I’ve had in my ears for years, and the few I’ve have the privilege of using sounded/felt just like a miked-up cab in another room."

- Dan Weller

"Because they’ve been recorded so well it allows me to work more on the character of the sound."

- Cenzo Townshend

- Pete Thorn

- Cody Perrin, Katy Perry, Hailee Steinfeld

- Alexander McKay

- Todd Howard, Granger Smith

- John Marlin, Granger Smith

"I originally wasn’t sure how I’d benefit from using impulse responses – but then I tried them and my mind was blown! I don’t know why or how I hadn’t used them before!"

- Andreas Oxholm

"The Celestion IRs gave my Line6 Helix an upgrade from the stock IRs, I’ve been using them on tour with The Who for the past month and have been very happy with them."

- Jon Button, The Who

- Steve Rothery, Marillion