SpeakerMix Pro – Overview

SpeakerMix Pro is a self-contained studio plug-in. It’s dedicated to bringing ground-breaking levels of detail and realism to guitar and bass speaker tone on your workstation.

Much more than a simple convolution engine or IR loader, with the new SpeakerMix Pro plugin you can track and mix up to six channels of IRs and DSRs as well as adding as much or as little room response as you need, using the dedicated room response channel. That means you can combine up to six different speaker responses in any combination you choose, without worrying about real-world recording problems like phase matching.

SpeakerMix is designed to work best with Celestion’s proprietary Dynamic Speaker Responses (DSRs), the next generation of Impulse Response that incorporates all the non-linear behaviour of a speaker in the real world to deliver unprecedented levels of tonal nuance. Got a large library of Celestion IR wav files? No problem, they’re fully compatible. Likewise, for other third party IR wav files and even IRs that you’ve recorded yourself: load them up and you can use them to mix stunning tone with SpeakerMix Pro.

Once you’ve found your perfect mix(es), you can save them as presets and return to them time and again or share them with friends!


Guitar and Bass loudspeaker cabinets have a very particular, complex and frequency dependant electrical input impedance. This depends on the loudspeakers themselves, the number of speakers and wiring scheme, and the acoustic effects of the cabinet. Collectively, each and every speaker and cabinet combinations presents a unique electrical input impedance to the amplifier. Likewise, amplifiers have a multitude of output configurations that affect output impedance. The real-world electrical connection of the speaker cabinet and amplifier output produce a unique and dynamic tone.

The SpeakerMix Pro plugin reconnects the digital domain amplifier and loudspeakers with the Z-Curve module. The output impedance of the dynamic amplifier output stage model in SpeakerMix Pro can be controlled with the Z-Curve dial on the input channel, allowing the player to smoothly transition from low-gain amp coupling to high-gain amp coupling with a clockwise rotation of the dial. This, in combination with each DSRs unique electrical input impedance re-established the dynamic electrical coupling between amplifier output and cabinet.

Note: Z-Curve is a component level amplifier output impedance model with clean headroom. It is designed to be used in addition to  a full amplifier model. Used in conjunction, Z-Curve provides the true dynamic connection between amp modelling software and the speaker responses in SpeakerMix Pro.

Note2: Any .wav IR loaded into SpeakerMix Pro is pre-conditioned to be completely compatible with the Z-Curve module.

Room Responses

SpeakerMix Pro also provides also powerful room processing capabilities. Routing to the room bus, there are four renowned mics available, capturing a world class live room (Vintage Neumann U67, Sontronics Apollo, Vintage STC-4033 and Neumann TLM-107s). Alternatively a user may load their own favourite room IRs onto the room bus and send any number of channels to be mixed in the same room.

On the mixer channels themselves, the “Speaker Excited Room” is a capture of the live room with TLM-107s excited acoustically by specific combinations of Celestion speakers and cabinet. Finally, user’s room IRs may be loaded onto each mixer channel in isolation and mixed using the room send dial. The combinations of these room routing states offer immense versatility for rich, roomy and diffuse guitar tones.