SpeakerMix Pro – Quick Start and Manual

Here’s how to get up and running with SpeakerMix Pro. For more in-depth information, please see the SpeakerMix Manual, available here.

System Requirements

CPU Intel Core i5/i7/i9
Apple M1 now supported from v1.1.4
Intel Core i5/i7/i9
Memory 8GB RAM 8GB RAM
Disc Storage (size at release) Software + Celestion Directory
(300mb approx)
Software + Celestion Directory
(300mb approx)
Operating System macOSX 10.9 - 11.6 (Big Sur) Windows 10 64 bit
Screen Resolution (minimum) 1440x900 1440x900
Screen Resolution (recommended) 1920x1080
(1680x1050 MacBook Pro/Air)

SpeakerMix Pro Versions List

Pro Tools AAX
Apple Audio Units (AU)

SpeakerMix Installation

After purchasing SpeakerMix Pro on celestionplus.com, the user is presented with a download link in their accounts dashboard. The link is also provided in an automatic email sent to the user’s email account.

SpeakerMix Pro is delivered in two essential parts, the software itself and a folder named “Celestion” that functions as a directory for your new DSRs and any user IRs or room responses.

Each download contains the specific OS/DAW version (VST, AU, or AAX) and a copy of the “Celestion” folder inside a zip file. The software is installed by dragging and dropping the VST (.dll), AU (.component) or AAX (.aaxplugin) file from the download zip file into the users plugin folder.

To install the essential “Celestion” folder, the user must drag and drop it from inside the downloaded zip file into the relevant directory location below for MacOS or Windows. Inside the “Celestion” folder, the user will find a number of sub-folders that provide convenient storage of DSRs, presets, .wav format IRs or room responses to be used in SpeakerMix Pro.

On Windows, drop “Celestion” into “C:\Users\username\”

The complete directory will then become “C:\Users\username\Celestion”

On MacOS, drop “Celestion” into “Macintosh HD\Users\Shared”

The complete directory will then become “Macintosh HD\Users\Shared\Celestion”

Note: The Windows “username” refers to the username on the machine. For example, C:\Users\Brianm\Celestion.

Note: The Celestion directory folder must be installed for SpeakerMix Pro to function correctly.

Note: It is not essential to store .wav IR files in the \Celestion directory. The IR browser provides system drive level navigation for browsing and selecting .wav IRs.


Dynamic Speaker Response Installation

To install a .dsr file, simply drag and drop the .dsr into the “Dynamic Speaker Responses” subfolder. The plugin will now recognise the user’s .dsr files and make them active in the plugin.

Note: A .dsr file is associated with the account of the purchaser on checkout. Sharing .dsr files does not give any other user access to the Dynamic Speaker Response if they have not purchased the speaker via celestionplus.com.

Note: 10 speaker DSRs are supplied free when you purchase SpeakerMix Pro, simply select the ones you would like to download when you check out.


SpeakerMix Pro Pre-Set Installation

Celestion have developed our own custom preset files for SpeakerMix Pro, denoted by the extension .spm and located in the “C:\Users\username\Celestion\Pre Sets” directory. A preset is created by using the “save preset” button in the plugin. Users may copy and share these pre-sets simply by transferring the .spm file to another machine.

Note: A preset is comprised of pointers to .dsr files and mix parameters. Sharing a preset does not give a user access to a .dsr file that they have not purchased on celestionplus.com.



A purchase of SpeakerMix Pro provides three (3) floating user “seats”. These seats can be used any number of times on any number of workstations, with the constraint that only three “seats” may be active simultaneously. After SpeakerMix Pro has been installed, alongside any number of Dynamic Speaker Responses a “seat” may be activated simply by opening a session in your DAW of choice, creating an instance of the plugin on a channel and logging in via the splash screen using the email and password credentials of the users celestionplus.com account.

After entering the email and password credentials, the plugin connects to our licensing server and activates a license seat on the users celestionplus.com account. The user may simultaneously activate up to three (3) “seats” on any three (3) machines. Once three (3) seats are active, a fourth log-in attempt simple removes the oldest active seat from the users account and re-allocates it to the new machine. Gone are the days of physical dongles and complicated registration schemes!

Note: During the log-in procedure, SpeakerMix Pro connects via the internet to the Celestion licensing server to activate a floating “seat” and provide the user with updates, upgrades, news and other relevant information.