5 Reasons to Love Our New IR Pick & Mix Option

impulse response library, pic n mixWe’re very excited to announce a completely new way of building up a Celestion impulse response library – our IR Pick & Mix option. Now you can buy any combination of 3 or 5 cabinets from our full range of IRs, for a significant discount.

Your choices can include IRs from the same speaker or different speakers, and in any combination of cabinet types (1×12, 2×12, 4×12, closed or open back).

This gives you complete flexibility to build up your impulse response library in any direction you like, with great savings along the way.

Here’s 5 great reasons to head over to our new Pick & Mix offering:


1.    Match Your Style

Now you can build an impulse response collection that’s includes only the speakers and cabinet types that match your particular interests and style of playing. For example:

If heavy rock and metal are your thing, you probably favour a 4×12 cabinet, so why not pick 4×12 closed back cabinets IRs for the Vintage 30, G12M Greenback, G12-65, G12H-150 Redback and the G12-50GL Lynchback.

If you’re looking for speakers that will give you a “purer” tone for melodic lead lines, you may want to focus on 1×12 or 2×12 cabinets, with speakers that have been tried and tested on countless solos over the years. One possible collection could be the Classic Lead 80 1×12, G12-50GL Lynchback 2×12, Neo Creamback 1×12, G12H Anniversary1x12 and 2×12.


2.    Multi-Guitar Mix

Our Pick & Mix option is perfect for bands or people who want to play or record multiple guitars at the same time. This might involve a band that includes two or more guitars in their line-up (e.g. rhythm and lead). Or it might be one guitarist recording and mixing multiple guitar parts on a single track.

Just as you might have different guitarists using different speakers on stage to help provide some distinction in tone, you can apply different speaker IRs to different guitars in a live performance or in the studio.

Or if you’re working alone to create a multi-guitar recording, using different speaker/cabinet IRs on each part can really help to differentiate each guitar in the mix.


3.    Even Better Value

Our 5 Cab Custom Collection lets you pick any five cabinets for almost 50% off the price of buying 5 cabinets separately.

Previously, you could buy all 5 cabinet IRs for one of our speakers at a 50% discount (you still can, in fact!) which is great value if you want to explore the full range of tones for one classic speaker.

Now you can get this same great deal for any combination of cabinets, enabling you to experience the tones of up to 5 different speakers for the same huge discount.

But if you don’t want or need 5 cabinets right now, we now also offer a 3 Cab Custom Collection. Pick any three cabinets for more than 40% off the price of buying 3 cabinets separately.

So it’s never been more affordable to quickly build an IR library of all your favourite Celestion speakers.


4.    Shortlist Audition

If you’re planning on buying your first physical Celestion speakers, or upgrading to a new set, choosing from our extensive range can be tricky, as there’s no easy way to get a true like-for-like comparison between several speakers at the same time.

A Pick & Mix IR collection means you can create a shortlist of your favourite 3 or 5 speakers and try them all out at home to find out how they really sound – with your own guitar(s) and amp(s) and with your particular playing style. And, because you can use Celestion IRs instead of a physical speaker in most situations (at home, in the studio or live) you can take as much time as you like to discover which speakers you find yourself using most often, before you make your final decision.


5.    Broaden Your Musical Horizons

When budget or space means you can only have one or two speakers in your repertoire, it’s understandable to pick the speakers (physical or IR) which are the safest choice, based on your previous experience, what reviewers are saying, or simply on reputation.

While you may be tempted to try something more eclectic, or perhaps a brand new speaker altogether, this can feel like a risky choice.

Our IR Pick and Mix option means you can have the best of both worlds. Base your collection on two or three “safe” choices, and then throw in one or two speakers you’ve never tried before to complete your set – and still save money!

Start creating your own 3 Cab Custom Collection or 5 Cab Custom Collection right now.

Or explore our full impulse response library here.