A Flexible Speaker Solution for the Modern Musician – With Built in Celestion Impulse Responses

For many electric guitarists there is really nothing that will ever be as good as a guitar plugged into an amp and cab, moving air in a room. That’s fine when we have time and space to set-up and we’re allowed to make some (a lot of) noise, but the reality for many working musicians today is small rooms, not much time and low-to-no volume practice-sessions, rehearsals and gigs. For this life we need a different set of tools.


The HK Premium PR:0 Move 8 Battery Powered Speaker

The HK Premium PR:0 Move 8 is a battery powered 60W speaker with three input channels plus a Bluetooth/aux input. Channels 1 and 2 have mic/line inputs, and channel 3 has an instrument jack socket as well as a special feature that makes it super useful for electric guitarists; alongside the input is a switch that engages a Celestion Speaker Impulse Response, effectively making that channel act like a powered guitar cab.


The Solo/Duo Gig

Musicians busking or playing small gigs in pubs, restaurants, and other non-band events with tiny stages and low volume levels often need compact, self contained PAs. Something that can handle backing tracks, a vocal mic or two and perhaps an instrument input are the extremely handy for these sorts of gigs, and if the whole rig has a battery powered option then so much the better for venues where there’s no conveniently located power supply. All you need is a microphone, guitar, an amp-in-a-box pedal (perhaps borrowed from the main pedalboard); your guitar cab built is built into the PA so you’re good to go.


The Practice Session

All musicians need to practice, but not everyone wants to hear them do it. How about a 100W valve amp running into a reactive load box and then into a small, powered speaker that has a Celestion Greenback/V30/Alnico Blue IR built in? Full stack sound at whisper-quiet volumes if you need it, and you can plug in a mic and work on the vocals and play backing tracks too.


The Home Recording Studio

Home recording has been a big part of keeping music creation fresh and flourishing – fantastic recordings are being made in bedrooms all over the world with minimal equipment and not much space. There are some great solutions for silent/quiet recording including amp-sims and IRs, but sometimes we want to get the unique sound of our own mics and pre-amps, so how about playing through the MOVE 8 with a Celestion cab loaded and capturing the sound of the 8” speaker up close or back in the room. You could use the Bluetooth/aux input to check mixes in mono too!


The Kitchen/Party

Not much need for a guitar cab channel here, but a 60W battery powered speaker paired with a mobile phone and your choice of streaming service could fill a lot of space with a lot of music if you wanted it to….

For more information on the HK Premium PR:0 Move 8 Battery Powered Speaker with Built in Celestion IRs – including detailed list of features – click here!