Don’t Miss These Black Friday Weekend Offers from CelestionPlus!

It’s Black Friday Weekend so it’s time to tell you about 3 huge offers taking place at CelestionPlus. This is going to be your best chance all year to grab some of our speaker impulse responses at some incredible prices.

We’ve got 3 great offers for you, taking place over 3 days:

Freebie Friday 

Our IR Collections are already incredible value, with more than 40% discount compared to buying the 5 single cabinet products separately. But this Friday you can also download another single cabinet IR of your choice at no extra cost.

So, as well as getting hold of that speaker IR Collection that you’ve been wanting to try out for ages, this is your chance to try out a completely different speaker from our range, absolutely free!

This is a great opportunity if you want to buy one of our impulse responses, but you’re torn between two of our classic speakers.

Trying to choose between the Vintage 30 or the G12M Greenback for some hard rock or metal tone? Now you can have a taste of both.

Wondering whether to go for the Classic Lead 80 or the G12-50GL Lynchback to enhance your lead guitar tone? Wonder no more.

How to Get Your Free Single Cabinet IR

  1. Put the Collection and the FREE Single Cab you want into your Basket.
  2. View your Basket and enter the coupon code CELBLK1
  3. Checkout between 00:01 GMT Friday 24 and 08:00 GMT Monday 27.

You can use this offer as many times as you like over the Black Friday weekend, right up to 08:00 GMT Monday 27. There is only one free Cab per transaction. (But remember the coupon can be used as many times as you like!)

Single Cab Saturday 

50% Off All Single Cab Purchases

This Saturday – and right through Sunday – you can buy as many Single Cab impulse responses from our range as you like, at a massive 50% off!

This is the perfect offer for you if you want to quickly build a library of a wide range of our speaker IRs but have one or two particular cabinet configurations that you like to stick with.

Or maybe you like different cabinet configurations for different speakers, guitars or music genres.

Fancy a 4×12 Vintage 30 for your heavy rock tracks, a 2×12 Alnico Cream for some vintage chime, and a 1×12 G12M Greenback for some distinctive British tone? Our Single Cab Saturday offer lets you put together your fantasy speaker cab collection and get it all for half price.

Or, if you’re completely new to Celestion impulse responses, this is your ideal chance to dip a toe in the water, for not a lot of money.

With no fewer than 14 different speakers to choose from, you could clean up and get a cabinet for each of our IRs for just over $100 / £80 / €98.

How to Get Your Half Price Single Cabinet IRs

  1. Choose which Single Cabs you want to buy – as many as you like – and add them to your Basket.
  2. View your Basket and enter the coupon code CELBLK2
  3. Checkout between 00:01 GMT Saturday 25 and 08:00 GMT Monday 27.

You can use this offer as many times as you like right up to 08:00 GMT Monday 27.

Super Sunday 

20% Off Everything

On Sunday we’re giving you 20% off everything in our impulse response range!

All Collections, all Single Cabs, all speakers, in any combination.

This offer is ideal if you want to pick up some of our Speaker Collection packs at an even bigger discount than normal.

Our regular discount on a Speaker Collection (consisting of 5 different cabinets) is 40%. But with our Super Sunday offer, you can take a further 20% off and buy a Collection for under $29 / £24 / €23. (That’s under $5 / £4 / €4 per cab!)

Our Super Sunday offer is your best ever chance to explore the full range of tones from one or more of our speakers.

How to Get 20% Off Everything

  1. Choose which Collections or Single Cabs you want to buy – as many as you like – and add them to your Basket.
  2. View your Basket and enter the coupon code CELBLK3
  3. Checkout between 00:01 GMT Sunday 26 and 08:00 GMT Monday 27.

And as an extra bonus – Our Freebie Friday and Single Cab Saturday offers are both still valid right through Sunday.  You can only use one coupon per Checkout – so choose the best offer for the particular products you want to buy.

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