Cab Simulator – The Kemper Profiler and Celestion IRs

If you’re the owner of a Kemper Profiler with Cab Maker software, you’ll want to check out this great video tutorial by Kemper. It shows you the steps you need to take to convert Celestion impulse responses (which are delivered in .wav format) into Kemper compatible (.kipr) files.

To do this you’ll need not only the Kemper Profiler box, but some (free) software called Cab Maker. (We’ve included some general intro notes about both of these below to help put the video into context.)

Many types of cab simulator / convolution software don’t require any file conversion at all and can use the Celestion IRs as they come (in .wav format) or carry out the conversion for you automatically when you load them up. Although Kemper is one of the cabinet simulators that do require pre-conversion, you’ll see from this short video that the process is pretty straightforward and well supported by Kemper’s utilities.

Loading Celestion IRs into the Kemper Profiler Cab Simulator

As well as walking you through the process step by step (from downloading the IRs from the CelestionPlus website, using the Cab Maker software to covert the files, and uploading them to the Profiler ready for use) the video also shows how to browse and select between different cabinets to apply them to your guitar signal.

Finally, the video concludes with an interesting IR comparison section, with sample audio clips of four different Celestion impulse responses – G12H Creamback (4×12), G12-65 (2×12), G12H Anniversary (1×12) and G12M Greenback (1×12) – showing off the distinct tones of these classic speakers.

Kemper have published many other tutorial videos – so subscribe to their YouTube channel if you want to see more like this.

About the Kemper Profiler

The Kemper Profiler is a digital guitar amplifier. Just as Celestion IRs capture the tone of our guitar speakers, a digital guitar amp captures the tones (or, as Kemper calls it, the “sonic DNA”) of a physical guitar amp.


Using both digital amp and speaker IRs together enables a guitarist to control both parts of the signal chain – the amp and the speaker – to achieve a particular sound in a reliable way.

The Kemper Profiler comes with hundreds of amp profiles already pre-loaded and ready to use.

=" Kemper Profiler – Guitar Amp Simulator

About Cab Maker

Cab Maker is a software utility that is provided by Kemper and is downloadable free of charge from the Kemper website. It allows you to take Celestion impulse response .wav files and convert them into Kemper Profiler files, ready to load onto a USB stick (it needs to be Kemper formatted first) and import into the Kemper Profiler box.

Cab Maker is available for PC (Windows 7, 8 and 10) and Macintosh (OSX 10.7 thru 10.11).

Other amp and cab simulators are available of course, and we hope to feature other IR software and cabinet simulators in future blogs. You can view a list of other brands and see which ones require pre-conversion on the IR Instructions page here.

Our complete range of Celestion speaker/cab impulse responses is available here.