Celestion G10 Creamback Impulse Response – Punchy and Dynamic

The Celestion G10 Creamback encapsulates everything that guitar players love about the Creamback, in a 10” format. Now it is the latest speaker to join our extensive library of impulse responses.

The 10” format guitar speaker has a tendency to add more punch and a faster dynamic when compared to a larger speaker, such as a 12”, and that is no different with the G10 Creamback. But don’t worry, you still get the all the warmth, detail and responsiveness that gives the Creamback family of speakers a unique character all of their own.

The G10 Creamback can add detail and warmth to a lackluster sounding amp perfect for guitar parts that needs to be the center of attention. Expect a surprisingly nimble responsiveness adding further dynamic interest to solos and lead lines. The familiar 10” speaker compression and punch is lively and exhilarating: guaranteed to make your riff-work sound vibrant, compelling and undeniably three-dimensional.

World-Class Recording

The expert sound engineers at Celestion have meticulously recorded all aspects of the Celestion G10 Creamback to create an impulse response that provides with you all the warmth, detail, and responsiveness of the Creamback in five different cabinet configurations:

• 1×10 (open back)
• 1×10 (closed back)
• 2×10 (open back)
• 2×10 (closed back)
• 4×10 (closed back)

All of the configurations above were recorded in a world-class studio using three pro-grade microphones – the Shure SM57, Sennheiser MD421 and Royer ribbon mic. All the microphones were used to record the speaker from six different positions – including a rear placed microphone for open back cabs – to create the following unique IR files:

• Balanced
• Bright
• Fat
• Thin
• Dark
• Dark 2

In addition to the three studio microphones, a Neumann TLM107 room mic was also used to add an even broader range of tonal options to the speaker impulse response files.

Along with all our best-selling impulse responses, the G10 Creamback is available to download either as a single cabinet configuration or as a complete collection (for a discount of up to 50%). You will receive the software in .WAV format to guarantee its full compatibility with almost all amp modelling amps, profilers and DAW software.

To add the warmth, detail, and responsiveness of the Celestion G10 Creamback to your impulse response arsenal:

Download the G10 Creamback speaker impulse response today!

Check out Brittany Nicole Bowman’s fantastic review and comparison video where she puts the Celestion G10 Creamback through its paces in a variety of different mic settings and cabinet configurations, all loaded into her Line 6 HT Stomp.

She goes on to closely compare the gorgeous tone of the G10 Creamback with its closest relatives – the G10 Greenback and the G12M Creamback, with and without a backing track – so you can really hear the tonal differences you can achieve by mixing and matching impulse rersponses.

Check out Britt’s video review of the G10 Creamback below:

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