Celestion G10 Vintage Impulse Responses & DSRs – Attitude with Added Depth

The Celestion G10 Vintage is the natural progression of the respected Vintage 10 speaker, delivering original British rock attitude with powerful and rich tones. Constructed using the same voice coil design as the iconic Vintage 30 the G10 Vintage punches well above its weight for a 10-inch, 60-watt speaker.

The Celestion G10 Vintage is available as both Impulse Responses and Dynamic Speaker Responses, the DSRs for use exclusively with our SpeakerMix Pro plugin.


Versatility & Range

For players who want flexibility in their speaker set-up, the G10 Vintage is the perfect solution. With a meaty mid-range and a solid bass, the Celestion G10 Vintage speaker adds richness to hollow-sounding amps, as well as offering deeper, heavier, humbucker-type girth from single-coil guitars. Use in singles to add warm vocal tones to small valve combos or use in a 4×10 cabinet for a more aggressive, heavier rock sound.


Five Cabinet Configurations

Our highly experienced sound engineers have worked tirelessly to accurately record the weighty yet eloquent tones of the Celestion G10 Vintage speaker in digital format as a range of speaker responses.

The complete tonal range of the G10 Vintage speaker is available to download in the following classic cabinet configurations.

1×10 (open back)

1×10 (closed back)

2×10 (open back)

2×10 (closed back)

4×10 (closed back)

The G10 Vintage IRs and DSRs were recorded at world-class facilities using the highest quality recording equipment and techniques available. Using three industry-standard professional microphones in six fully adjustable locations around each cabinet arrangement, the full range of speaker tones are labelled within the speaker response files as:






Dark 2

The Celestion G10 Vintage speaker Impulse Response Collection can be downloaded as individual cabinet configuration files or as a complete set for a discount of up to 50%.

All Celestion Speaker Impulse Response ranges are available to download in .WAV format to ensure they are compatible with the majority of amp modelling software and plugins.

Add the classic British rock attitude of the Celestion G10 Vintage Speaker to your impulse response library today – Download Now!

You can also download the Dynamic Speaker Responses of the Celestion G10 Vintage, for use with our ground-breaking SpeakerMix Pro plugin.


About Celestion Dynamic Speaker Responses

The Celestion G10 Vintage Dynamic Speaker Response library, available exclusively for use with our ground-breaking SpeakerMix Pro plugin, enables you to achieve stunningly realistic guitar tones in your DAW with ease.

Dynamic Speaker Responses (DSRs) running in Celestion SpeakerMix Pro react to the dynamics of the signal hitting the speaker to create the most authentic micro-dynamic sound of the real speakers for the next generation in digital tone, with all the life and three-dimensional feel of the real thing.