Celestion Speaker Response Survey

What do YOU use Celestion Speaker Responses for?

The world of music-making has changed dramatically over the last few years and we have seen an astonishing increase in the world of digital guitar tone products available to musicians around the world.

With now over 85 Celestion Impulse Response and Dynamic Speaker Response packs and our brand-new SpeakerMix Pro plugin in our line-up and many thousands of speaker responses downloaded by guitar players worldwide, we’d really like to know… how you guys are using our digital products to achieve great tones!

Playing at home? Recording at home? Recording professionally? Live performances? Or a combination of these?

As a thank you to all who take part, we will enter all participants into a prize draw, and one lucky winner will receive a free copy of our NEW SpeakerMix Pro plugin or our Maginificent 7 IR collection. Simply fill in the form below and click ENTER!

    Playing guitar at home

    Recording at home

    Recording professionally

    Playing live on stage