Celestion Copperback IRs & DSRs – Purity of Tone

Celestion speakers are revered worldwide for their signature midrange presence and growling cone break-up. We like to think that our speakers and the Celestion signature sound are considered to be one of the most important elements of great guitar tone.

The Celestion Copperback speaker, on the other hand, was designed with a different tonal flavour in mind.

The Copperback is more tonally transparent than other Celestion guitar speakers, and through this, reveals the sonic characteristics and detailed nuances of your amp and guitar playing without introducing a great deal of additional colouration that’s often generated by cone break-up.


Celestion Copperback Tone

If you’re after that classic ‘brown sound’ that’s so closely associated with Celestion’s vintage speakers, the Copperback may not be for you. But this speaker responses’ unique characteristics certainly deliver a satisfying combination of tight lows, neutral low-mids, open upper-mid definition and well-controlled high treble. It gives you the ultimate control over your guitar tone: from shimmering, bell-like tones to almost flute-like high gain with a simple tweak of the amplifier’s drive setting.

The design of the Copperback combines elements taken from Celestion classic guitar speakers which imbue superb musicality. To this is added key characteristics from Celestion’s range of professional audio speakers, such as a treated cambric surround, composite voice coil former, curved cone profile and a large paper dust cap that, all put together, enable the speaker to deliver superb transparency and evenness of response.


Celestion Copperback Speaker IRs & DSRs

The unique and innovative Copperback has been faithfully captured in digital form as speaker impulse responses and Dynamic Speaker Responses. Recorded by our expert sound engineers using the same meticulous techniques as all our best-selling IRs & DSRs, the Copperback speaker response was captured with three pro-quality studio microphones – the classic Shure SM57, a Royer R-121 ribbon mic and a Sennheiser MD421. Each of these mics were recorded in six different positions – named within the speaker response files as Balanced, Bright, fat, Thin, Dark and Dark 2 – as well as a rear mic position for the open back cabs. The addition of a Neumann TLM107 room mic provides the user with a huge number of different mic mixes and a range of unique tonal options.

For our Two notes IRs, each cabinet in the pack was recorded with eight fully adjustable microphones, giving the user the ability to move each mic around the specified cabinet in the virtual room. This provides an almost unlimited number of IR options on offer with the Two notes-compatible files. Each IR is compatible with the Overload Parameter, available in Wall of Sound and Torpedo Studio.

The Celestion Copperback speaker response is available in five different cabinet configurations:

1×12 (Open Back)

1×12 (Closed Back)

2×12 (Open Back)

2×12 (Closed Back)

4×12 (Closed Back)

As with all our other guitar speaker responses, the Celestion Copperback IR is downloaded in .WAV format ensuring full compatibility with the majority of DAWs, IR plugins and amp modelling software.

Create tons of tone and sound your truest by downloading the Celestion Copperback speaker impulse response today in .WAV format or, for use with our SpeakerMix Pro plugin, you can download the Copperback DSRs.


About Celestion Dynamic Speaker Responses

The Celestion Copperback Dynamic Speaker Response library, available exclusively for use with our ground-breaking SpeakerMix Pro plugin, enables you to achieve stunningly realistic guitar tones in your DAW with ease.

Dynamic Speaker Responses (DSRs) running in Celestion SpeakerMix Pro react to the dynamics of the signal hitting the speaker to create the most authentic micro-dynamic sound of the real speakers for the next generation in digital tone, with all the life and three-dimensional feel of the real thing.