Celestion Speaker IRs – Now Available in Two notes Format

We’re delighted to announce that three of our most iconic Celestion speaker impulse responses – the Vintage 30, G12M Greenback and the Celestion Blue – are now available in Two notes format. These new speaker IRs are fully compatible with the company’s Wall of Sound environment, the DAW plugin version of Two notes’ critically-acclaimed Torpedo simulation engine.

This move is part of our ongoing goal to make Celestion speaker IRs available and easy to use on as many different hardware and software platforms as possible, giving our customers maximum choice about which gear they can use to generate awesome and authentic Celestion tone.

Full Wall of Sound Functionality

Previously, customers could use Celestion’s standard WAV format IRs on Wall of Sound, but without the full functionality offered by the software (microphone positioning and overload parameter functions were not available).

With the new Two notes-specific format, users now have full access to all the available Wall of Sound functionality with Celestion’s speaker IRs: you can optimise mic positions like a pro and make your tone exactly how you want it.

These are all new IR captures, closely following the Two notes IR recording protocol. Each cabinet is recorded with 8 microphones, and the user has the capability to move around each microphone in the virtual room: an almost limitless number of IRs generated by the Two notes proprietary format. Each impulse response is fully compatible with the Overload Parameter (available in both Wall of Sound and Torpedo Studio), a unique non-linear convolution processing capability that is able to reproduce the distortion of the speaker when pushed hard.

In case you’re wondering, there’s no difference in quality between the current WAV files and the new Wall of Sound format files. You get the same highly accurate speaker tones, simply in a more convenient format.

Five Additional Mics

And it doesn’t stop there, adding Celestion IRs to the Wall of Sound environment means users also get the Celestion quality tone reproduced using five additional microphones: AKG C414EB, AKG D12, Beyer Dynamic M160, Coles 4038 and the Neumann U47.

“I think Celestion did a great job of capturing IRs of their own cabinets and speakers and they’ve used the best studio and the best people to do it. I was amazed at the awesome job they’ve done.”
– Guillaume Pille, Owner and Founder of Two notes Audio Engineering

If you want to get hold of the Vintage 30, Greenback or Blue Celestion impulse responses in the new Two notes format, you have two options:

CelestionPlus website – Just choose ‘Two notes’ from the ‘Shop’ drop-down menu and click through to either Celestion Blue Two notes, G12M Two notes or Vintage 30 Two notes. From here you can select the speaker cabinet pack, or individual speaker cabinets.

Two notes website – Two notes format IRs are available from the Two notes store, as single cabinets or as speaker collection packs.


We plan to expand the range of speakers available in Two notes format in the future – so sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest announcements.

Browse the complete range of Two notes format Celestion IRs here.