Download the Celestion V-Type Speaker IRs and DSRs Today

We’re very excited to reveal the latest addition to our range of Dynamic Speaker Responses – the Celestion V-Type speaker DSRs.

Although the G12 V-Type is one of our more-recent guitar speakers – launched in 2013 – it has quickly found its niche among contemporary rock guitarists looking for a speaker which combines the best of modern and vintage tones. So, let’s take a closer look at the tone you can expect from the V-Type guitar speaker responses, whether you’re picking up the DSRs or IRs.


Celestion V-Type Tone

The V-Type was conceived from the outset as a speaker that would combine old and new, both in terms of design and construction, and in terms of tone. Launched in summer 2013, just in time for our 90th anniversary in 2014, the V-Type can be seen as a perfect celebration of Celestion’s heritage (V for Vintage!) and our innovative approach to modern speaker design techniques and materials.

As well as combining vintage with modern, the Celestion G12 V-Type also combines elements of our most classic speakers, particularly the G12H Creamback and the G12M Greenback – although some reviewers felt they could also hear elements of Vintage 30 tone (see Pete Thorn’s video in Listening Resources below).

The result is a speaker which delivers well balanced tone and vintage musicality right across the frequency range, from open and airy highs with a touch of chime and sparkle in the upper mids, through to a warm, well rounded mid-range and lows with plenty of power and punch. This all makes the V-Type a highly versatile speaker, great for lead and rhythm parts alike, across a range of genres.


Celestion V-Type Speaker Responses

Now you can experience the distinctive tone of the Celestion V-Type at home, in the studio or even for live performances, with the V-Type speaker IRs & DSRs.

Created to the same exact standards as all our other speaker responses, in state-of-the-art recording facilities by world class sound engineers, the V-Type IR is an authentic digital version of this versatile modern speaker. It’s available in 5 individual cabinet variations: 1×12 closed back, 1×12 open back, 2×12 closed back, 2×12 open back, and 4×12 closed back. And in each of these cabinet options you have a choice of 3 microphones (Shure SM57, Royer R-121 and Sennheiser MD421) each recorded in 6 different positions – plus some Neumann TLM 107 room mics that you can mix to taste. The five cabinet impulse response files can be purchased singly, or together as a collection for a significant discount.

The Celestion V-Type speaker speaker responses sounds great on their own, without any extra EQ or need to mix with other IRs or DSRs to start getting great modern vintage tone. It handles all styles of playing and levels of gain effortlessly, right through the whole frequency range, from musical sweet highs to a good mid-range crunch, right through to punchy lows. So, if you’re new to Celestion IRs and DSRs, the V-Type could be your perfect introduction.

If you’re normally a devotee of Creambacks, Greenbacks or Vintage 30s (and who could blame you?) but are thinking of branching out and experimenting a little with your tone, the V-Type is a great place to start. It provides enough familiar vintage tone to let you get your bearings but brings with it an original modern twist to add that little bit of extra edge you’ve been looking for.

The versatility of the V-Type tone also lends itself well to being mixed with other speakers from the Celestion range. We’ve already mentioned that the V-Type has some tonal elements of the Creamback H, the Greenback and the Vintage 30, so mixing the V-Type with any of these classic speakers is going to work. But it also combines well with our modern speakers too, such as the A-Type or the G12-35XC. Some popular combos we’ve seen include an X-pattern with Celestion A-Types in a 4×12 (see Ryan Bruce’s excellent video below in Listening Resources) or sharing a 2×12 with a Celestion Greenback.

So, if you already have a selection of Celestion speaker responses in your library, the V-Type promises to be a great addition your IR and DSR collection.

The V-Type Speaker Impulse Response is available for download here.

Torn between the V-Type and some of our other speaker responses? Go for one of our new IR & DSR Pick & Mix options and get your collection started for a great discount.

Or, for use with our SpeakerMix Pro plugin, you can download the V-Type Speaker DSRs.


About Celestion Dynamic Speaker Responses

The Celestion V-Type Dynamic Speaker Response library, available exclusively for use with our ground-breaking SpeakerMix Pro plugin, enables you to achieve stunningly realistic guitar tones in your DAW with ease.

Dynamic Speaker Responses (DSRs) running in Celestion SpeakerMix Pro react to the dynamics of the signal hitting the speaker to create the most authentic micro-dynamic sound of the real speakers for the next generation in digital tone, with all the life and three-dimensional feel of the real thing.


Listening Resources for the Celestion V-Type:

2014 Winter NAMM Show – Celestion Guitar Speakers

By Musician’s Friend

Celestion’s Rick Skillman talks about the tone of the newly launched V-Type. “Captures what people like about a G12H [Creamback] and what people like about a Greenback. It’s a bit more laid back than an H, so it’s not as aggressive as a V30 or an H but it has a little more jingle than a Greenback” [2:40]


Celestion V-type 12″ guitar speaker, demo by Pete Thorn

By Pete Thorn

A great 6 minute demo from none other than Pete Thorn, made shortly after the launch of the V-Type, which takes the V-Type through a range of clean and high gain examples.

“It’s kind of like a cross-section of a bunch of different speakers from Celestion tonally. It’s got attributes of V 30’s and Greenbacks and kind of takes the best attributes and puts it together in one really nice new speaker I think.” [1:50]


Celestion V-Type demo: in mix + guitars only

By TecksMusic

A great demo showing how the V-Type segues with ease between clean and heavy rock tones.


Celestion V Type vs A Type – Metal Demo

By Ryan Bruce

A great shootout showing how the A-Type and V-Type sound together in a 4×12, as well as separately. (The A-Type is also available as an IR!) “A mix of my favorite characteristics of the Vintage 30 and the Greenback – there’s a little bit of Creamback in there… When you combine the two you get the best of both worlds and you really get these nice mid-range overtones and some really nice high-end without being harsh or honky, but if you had to pick one, it really depends on what amp you use. For a Marshall type sound the A-Type is really really awesome… but in a high gain situation, I would go with the V-Type, but my ideal combination would be both together in an X pattern… Love it, love it, love it.”