Load Box Shootout with Celestion Greenback IR

Legendary composer and music producer, Michael Nielsen is best known for his production and scoring work on countless films, television shows and video games. He is also well known for collaborating with and producing music for a huge range of iconic artists, including James Brown, Kenny Loggins, Barry Manilow, John Sykes, as well as Celestion Partner in Tone, Lenny Kravitz.

In this video, Michael offers a tone comparison of five of the best-selling load boxes and cabinet simulators available on the market right now:

  • Two Notes Torpedo Studio
  • Universal Audio OX
  • Suhr Reactive Load
  • Fryette Power Station 2
  • Kemper Profiling Amplifier

Michael loaded up each box with one of our favourite Celestion impulse responses, the G12M Greenback (4×12 closed back, HI-GN 121+57).

Michael puts each load box to work as if they were in a mix with added EQ, but all on the same amp (BE-100) and mic settings to provide the fairest test possible. (See the end of the video for details of settings used on each of the 5 different cab simulators.)

Let the load box Battle Royale commence!

As Michael says, “They all sound good!” – The distinctive Greenback crunch comes through strongly on all of them.

But we’d love to hear your thoughts on this, so let us know which of the five load boxes Michael tests with the Celestion G12M Greenback IR you think offers the best tone.

Our entire range of Celestion Impulse Responses are available for download here.