Pete Thorn Introduces Celestion Impulse Response

Pete Thorn, pro guitarist, gives us a concise introduction to speaker impulse responses – what they are and why they are so incredibly useful in the studio and when performing live.

This is a definite “must watch” if you’re new to speaker IRs and looking for a quick and simple intro.

First Pete explains why it’s so difficult to get (and recreate) the right tone using physical speakers, cabinets and mic setups. Then he tells us about the benefits of having the sound you want “bottled” into a digital file that you can reuse again and again.

As a professional guitarist with many live tours behind him, Pete understands the realities of setting up for a show in different venues, with different sound systems and different PA guys to work with in each of them.

“Imagine the sound man’s delight when he realises you’ve got this awesome miked up speaker and cabinet sound that was done by a professional engineer in a great recording studio… He doesn’t have to go through the bother of miking your amp anymore. There’s no bleed into a microphone from any of the other instruments and the sound is super punchy in the PA and it’s absolutely consistent from night to night.”

Buy Celestion speaker impulse response files here.