New Celestion Cream IR – Experience Crème de la Tone

Celestion Alnico Cream, impulse response, IRs

The Celestion range of impulse responses expands yet again with the addition of the increasingly popular Alnico Cream, available for instant download today. Since the Celestion Cream was launched in 2015 it’s proven to be a hit with guitarists looking for vintage tones backed up with plenty of power. And now you can recreate that tone in digital form, with our latest IR.

So let’s explore what you can expect from the new Celestion Alnico Cream IR.

Celestion Cream Tone

The Celestion Cream is an alnico speaker, with a tone that’s got a lot in common with the Celestion Blue – but has been built to deliver a whole lot more power handling, and with that comes a flavour all of its own.

For clean, lower gain playing, you may find the Blue and the Cream  remain tonally quite similar. . Dig in a little and straight away you’ll notice them turning a little more raw and “throaty” as distortion starts to kick in, just like you’d expect from a great alnico speaker.

The Cream still manages to stay a little smoother, however, as well as packing extra clarity and definition into the midrange. It’s super-responsive to pick attack and delivers a surprising amount of note separation and detail even at  higher levels of gain.

We highly recommend watching the Lance Keltner video in the Listening Resources section below to get an experienced guitarist’s take on the Celestion Cream tone. Lance says:

“The best overall speaker I’ve ever played for clean, dirty rhythm and lead, in one speaker.

…Even though they’re high wattage speakers they react kindalike my old Blues did, where they give up the goods at just the right time, regardless of what the amp’s doing – they’re very touch sensitive and they just gradually move from clean, to slightly dirty, to gain in such a way that’s so pretty you don’t really notice the transition, so it’s a beautiful sounding speaker.

…I won’t be using anything else beside these speakers. They do everything I need them to do, everything from Alnico Blues style chime, up to my old…80 watt Celestions that we used to use in the 80’s and early 90’s that were just incredible on the bottom end. …I’m sold!”

Below you’ll find more listening resources for you to hear the Celestion Cream on its own, and in comparison to some of our other guitar speakers.

Celestion Cream Impulse Response

Downloading the Celestion Cream IR is an excellent way to start making some alnico tones without having to invest in the physical speaker – or 2, or 4!

If you’re new to the Celestion IR range, the Alnico Cream makes a great starting point, as it gives you classic Celestion tone and handles both clean and high gain playing effortlessly.

But if you already have some of our existing IRs, you may be wondering whether to add the Cream to your IR library. The Cream offers a distinctive tone all of its own, with noticeable differences to, for example, the Vintage 30, Greenback and even other Alnico speakers like the Blue  – all very well demonstrated on the Hope Pole Studios video listed below. So grabbing the IR is a great way to expand your range and experience crème de la tone.

Download the new Celestion Alnico Cream impulse response here or read about the physical Celestion Cream speaker here.

Listening Resources:

Listen to the Celestion Alnico Cream

by CelestionUK

Celestion Partner in Tone Reza Moosavi puts the Alnico Cream though its paces.


Celestion Cream

by lancekeltner

Lance tries out the Celestion Cream in a 4×14 cabinet using 2 different guitars.


Celestion Alnico Cream Review

by Hop Pole Studios

A good in-depth description of the Alnico Cream, and a revealing shootout between the Cream, Vintage 30, G12H Creamback and G12H Redback (all now available as IRs).


Celestion Cream Alnico vs Blue Alnico

by Paul Bateman

A nice head to head demo comparing the Celestion Blue and Cream, through a variety of different clean and higher gain riffs.