Celestion Cream (DSR)

For guitarists in love with the rich, seductive sounds of alnico guitar speakers. If you’re hooked on discovering the richest vintage alnico tones but looking for a different flavour, the Celestion Cream speaker responses could be the perfect choice.

Yes, it brings a glorious, laid-back attack, exuding the same warm lows and brilliant bell-like chime. With the Cream, you can still expect smooth and organic mids, that compress just right when pushed hard, but there’s something more. The Cream has a midrange that is further characterised by a fine-grained detail adding a high-definition quality to the vocal range, yielding more expressiveness than you ever thought possible.

It’s the unmistakable sound of our legendary Alnico speakers taken to the next level: try the Celestion Cream dynamic speaker response and experience crème de la tone.