Pulse 10 (DSR)

The Celestion PULSE10 is a 10-inch diameter, ferrite magnet speaker from designed to deliver a potent combination of rock-solid low-end, combined with focus and articulation.

Versatile enough to handle a wide range of musical styles it features a straight-sided, Kevlar loaded cone for a fast, dynamic sound, together with extended length voice coils for a deeper bass sound with less tubbiness, and a lower inductance magnet assembly that greatly reduces unwanted distortion.

Now, the tones of the PULSE10 are available in digital form as part of the Celestion range of bass responses in both Impulse Response (IR) and Dynamic Speaker Response (DSR) format. They’ve been captured with the same painstaking attention to detail as with our guitar speakers, to bring you superbly balanced, ready-to-use bass tone.