PULSE10 – 4×10 Bass (Closed)


Explore the power and definition of the Celestion PULSE10 speaker at home, in the studio or live, with this 4×10 (closed) cabinet configuration.

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For a well-balanced tone, with and plenty of focus and articulation, the Celestion PULSE10 is tough to beat: available as Impulse Responses or Dynamic Speaker Responses.

Loaded into a 4×10 cab the PULSE10 delivers a rock-solid bass performance that you can feel as well as hear: with a firm low-end and smooth, warm midrange. Enjoy the satisfying growl as you push the speaker to its limits, courtesy of the straight-sided, Kevlar cone and triple-roll surround. Available to download now in both Impulse Response and Dynamic Speaker Response format.

What does it sound like?

Listen to a sample of this Impulse Response below.