Pulse 12 (DSR)

Created for today’s bass players who demand rock-solid bass tone, the Celestion PULSE12 bass speaker response delivers the ideal combination of a rumbling low-end together with well-defined clarity and stunning articulation.

Combining much of the quick, percussive attack of its little brother the PULSE10, with a fullness and warmth reminiscent of its big brother the PULSE15, the midsize PULSE12 offers the best of both worlds speaker with formidable, rumbling lows, rich, warm mid-range and a detailed, zingy top-end.

This brawny, Kevlar-loaded cone speaker pulses with up to 200 Watts of raw power for a meaty performance. Recorded using the same painstaking techniques by the Celestion sound engineers that created our range of guitar speaker responses, this best-selling bass speaker is now available in digital form – in either Impulse Response or Dynamic Speaker Response format.