Heritage G12M IR Collection


All five Heritage G12M IR cabinets (1×12 open, 1×12 closed, 2×12 open, 2×12 closed and 4×12 closed) in one collection pack – save 50% compared to buying them separately.

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Experience authentic ‘60s Greenback vibe at home, in the studio or live performances with the Celestion Heritage G12M impulse response collection.

The collection pack lets you explore the full tonal range available for this classic speaker, ideal for creating full-bodied vintage rock or blues tones. Enjoy rich, mid-range crunch, delicate-but-detailed treble and a balanced low end, all with a good helping of vintage warmth.

This collection contains IR files for all five cabinet options – 1×12 closed back, 1×12 open back, 2×12 closed back, 2×12 open back, and 4×12 closed back – in one pack.