Laney Cabinets (Two Notes)

Celestion and Laney Amps have teamed up to capture the tones of their iconic cabinet collection in the Two notes Wall of Sound file format. Meticulously recorded with eight different microphones, as well as a room mic recording, our expert sound engineers have faithfully captured the distinctive tones of two iconic Laney speaker cabinets:

  • Laney LA212 2×12 loaded with two Celestion G12M Greenbacks
  • Laney LA412 4×12 featuring four Celestion Heritage Series G12H (75Hz)
If you need help redeeming/downloading your new Celestion Two notes IRs please follow this guide.

Please note Two note products are not available as part of the IR Pick & Mix and will only work in the Wall of Sound and in no other software because of the proprietary format.

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