VOX Cabinets (Two notes)

We’ve teamed up with VOX Amps to create a range of speaker impulse responses based on the tones of three of their iconic range of cabinets. These were meticulously recorded with eight state-of-the-art studio microphones, including an additional room mic to capture the tones of three VOX cabinets:

  • VOX V212C 2×12 open back containing two Celestion G12M Greenbacks
  • VOX 212 HWX 2×12 open back containing two Celestion Blues
  • VOX V412BN 4×12 closed back containing four Celestion G12M Greenbacks

Available singly or as a collection, these speaker impulse responses give you the authentic tones of high-quality, VOX cabinets to add to your IR library.

If you need help redeeming/downloading your new Celestion Two notes IRs please follow this guide.

Please note Two note products are not available as part of the IR Pick & Mix and will only work in the Wall of Sound and in no other software because of the proprietary format.