Our Best Black Friday Yet!

The Black Friday sales have begun! This weekend, we are offering a huge 33% off our Celestion impulse responses from 00.01 UT on Friday through till 11:59 UT on Monday.  This includes our entire range of speaker and Bass IRs, giving you the chance to pick up authentic Celestion tone at a fantastic price!

Sit back and enjoy four days of discounted shopping, while you build up your IR library and unleash new levels of freedom and creativity! Our Celestion impulse responses can be downloaded in a .WAV format to ensure full compatibility with the majority of amp modelling software and plugins.

Please note: sale excludes Two notes IRs and Positive Grid Software.

Stock Up on New Releases

If you haven’t yet tried out latest releases now is the perfect time!

  • G10 Vintage – The G10 Vintage delivers strong and creamy vocal tones and is a highly accurate digital representation of our 10” speaker.
  • Seventy 80 – The Seventy 80 has a detailed and crisply defined tone with a punchy upper mid-range for enhanced treble and a full-range feel.
  • Ruby – This IR has the capacity to create rich, beautiful tones and a familiar alnico vibe that oozes musical warmth of mellow highs and a sophisticated midrange.

Build Your Bass IR Collection

  • BN10-200X – This is the Celestion go-to bass speaker IR, providing a meaty thump and aggressive low-end tones, ideal for high-powered rock performances.
  • BN15-300X – This bass IR has a mighty 15-inch Kevlar-loaded speaker cone and a warm, rich tone and powerful low-end thump.
  • PULSE12 – The Pulse 12 IR has been created for the bass players of today that demand rock-solid bass tone delivering fullness and warmth with rumbling lows and a rich, warm mid-range.
  • PULSE10 – The Pulse 10 IR is designed to produce rock-solid low-end tones and can handle a wide range of musical styles and a superbly-balanced, ready to use bass tone.
  • PULSE15 – The Celestion Pulse 15 IR is a true powerhouse of deep base tone and is full of rich musicality. This impulse response can add a bold authority to your sound, whatever your musical style.

Browse Our Backline Heroes

  • Laney Cabinets Impulse Responses – Our Laney Cabinets IR collection are ideal for guitar players of all styles, offering an exciting collection of two of our favourite speakers, the Celestion G12M Greenback and the Celestion Heritage Series G12H-75.
  • Orange Cabinet Impulse Responses – These IRs capture the famous tones of seven Orange speaker cabinets. Offering up to 18 tone options for each cabinet and extra mic mix options.
  • Suhr Cabinet Impulse Responses – The Suhr Cabinet collection captures the distinctive tones of six Suhr speaker cabinets, giving tones of high-quality to add to your tonal palette.

IR Pick & Mix

If you are looking to mix things up, try choosing your own combination of Celestion IRs in our IR Pick and Mix section to help build your ultimate impulse response collection. You will also receive a special 33% off your custom collection box at the checkout. Choose between our 3 or 5 speaker packs and start assembling your collection for a greater variety of tones for practice and recording sessions and build up your library of Celestion IRs.


  1. Choose any item or collection via our shop, including guitar IRs, Bass IRs, IR Pick and Mix and Backline Heroes – as many as you like – and add them to your Basket.
  2. View your basket and enter the coupon code BLKFRI19
  3. Checkout between 00:01 GMT Friday 29th November and 11:59 GMT Monday 02 December.

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*Black Friday Weekend Sale excludes all Two Notes or Positive Grid Software products.