With double the power (400W) of the PULSE10 and an even lower frequency range (40-3500Hz), the Celestion PULSE15, but without compromising on the midrange warmth, balance and articulation of its smaller brother.

With a substantial 86-oz ferrite magnet and 15-inch diameter toughened steel chassis, the Celestion PULSE15 is a true powerhouse of deep bass tone. This superbly-designed sonic artillery includes a host of forward-thinking features in the cone, voice coil, and suspension system that combine to provide an exceptionally linear performance free from unwanted distortion, but full of rich musicality.

The PULSE15 is a bass speaker that adds a bold authority to your sound, whatever your style.

Now available in digital form, the Celestion PULSE15 joins the range of Celestion bass speaker responses. Recorded with meticulous care by the same team that created our guitar speaker IRs & DSRs, these are bass tones that you’ll want to add to your speaker response collection.

The PULSE15 speaker responses are available in a 1×15 cabinet configuration.