Celestion knows not every player wants a super-clean, high-fidelity bass sound, so using our unrivalled knowledge of neodymium motor structures, we designed and built the 10-inch BN10-200X bass speaker to be characterised by extended low-end tone and extreme amounts of linear excursion.

The Celestion BN10-200X bass speaker is light in weight but certainly not in performance! Ideal for high-powered rock performances that require a full-bodied warm, defined bass tone, the BN10-200X delivers rich a bass tone with a powerful, low-end punch.

Delivering an aggressive low-end with a meaty thump, the BN10-200X offers propulsive bass tone that does away with the high-end slice from some modern speaker designs.

This iconic 10-inch bass speaker has now been accurately replicated as a digital impulse response. Using the same meticulous recording techniques used for our huge range of guitar speaker impulse responses, our expert sound engineers have made the Celestion BN10-200X bass impulse response available in a 2×10 (closed) and 4×10 (closed) cabinet configurations or as a BN10-200X Bass Bundle with added Playing Style Mixes.