BN10-200X – Bass Bundle & Playing Styles


Delivering full-bodied, defined bass tone with powerful low-end punch, the BN10-200X bass speaker IRs are available as a bundle that includes our ‘Playing Style’ mixes.

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Download the Celestion BL10-100X speaker impulse response in a 4×10 (Closed Back) cabinet for serious bass tone with all the drive, clarity and warm, full-bodied tone you’ve come to expect from our legendary range of bass speaker impulse responses.

Experience the 4×10’s balanced low-end, punchy mid-range and bright treble for high-powered rock performances.

The Celestion BL10-100X 4×10 (Closed Back) was recorded using three pro-quality mics: Sennheiser MD421, Neumann U47 FET and an AKG D112 – each of which were placed in six fully-adjustable positions, titled as Balanced, Thin, Fat, Bright, Dark and Dark 2.

An additional Neumann TLM 107 room mic was also used for left, right and stereo positions, as well as a Neumann KM84 HF mic to offer users a huge range of bass tone to play with.

The Celestion BL10-100X bass speaker impulse responses are available to use on their own or as mic mixes:

  • D112+KM84
  • U47+KM84
  • MD421+KM84
  • D112+MD421+KM84
  • U47+MD421+KM84
  • U47+D112+KM84
  • All mics
  • All mics+Room Stereo
  • All mics+Room Mono

The BL10-100X bass speaker IR is available to download in .WAV format to ensure compatibility with the majority of pro-standard DAWs, impulse response plugins and amp-modelling software.

What does it sound like?

Listen to a sample of this Impulse Response below.