Celestion realised early on that not every bass player out there wants a high-fidelity, super-clean bass tone, so we created our BN range of bass speakers.

While still primed for high-powered rock performances where a full-bodied, warm, defined tone is essential, the BN15-300X bass speaker is characterised by an extended low-end and superior linear excursion.

With its mighty 15-inch, Kevlar-loaded speaker cone, the Celestion BN15-300X has a lightweight neodymium magnet to push out every note with 300 Watts of rich, warm tone and powerful low-end thump.

More power and volume but with half the weight!

The BN15-300X is first of our BN bass speaker range to be accurately reproduced in digital form and was created using exactly the same recording processes as our huge range of best-selling guitar speaker impulse responses.

The Celestion BN15-300X bass speaker impulse response is available in a 1×15 configuration, or as 1×15 with added Playing Style Mixes.