Shades of Greenback Collection


Celestion’s Shades of Greenback collection of impulse responses features a line-up of seven incredible 12-inch Celestion Greenback-style guitar speakers; G12M Greenback, G12H Anniversary, Heritage Series G12M, Heritage Series G12H (55), G12-35XC, G12-50GL Lynchback and the G12 EVH.


Recreate the tone of legends with Celestion’s Shades of Greenback speaker impulse response collection.

G12M Greenback – The Legend

The modern incarnation of the speaker that helped define rock tone; played by legends like  Clapton, Page and Beck. Expect a broad mid-range attack and a restrained top-end with added grit and aggression.

G12H Anniversary – The Heavy Rocker

Recreate the classic sounds of the 1960’s and 1970’s hard rock era. With no quarter given, the anniversary delivers serious swagger with its aggressive low-end, articulate treble and searing midrange.

Heritage Series G12M – Timeless Tone

As materials and manufacturing techniques changed over time, so tones did too. The Heritage Series was Celestion’s quest to build our iconic speakers as close to their 1960s specification as possible. The Heritage G12M delivers a little more openness and room to breathe than the Modern G12M.

Heritage Series G12H(55) – The Bass Cone

This G12H features a 55Hz (low resonance) cone. Originally intended for bass guitar, it was quickly adopted by guitar players too, who loved its more pronounced low end thump. Legend has it that Hendrix played this Greenback in his live rig.

G12-35XC – The Sonic Legacy

A key part of the Greenback legend is the Pulsonic® cone. Sadly they are no more, but for our 90th birthday we tried to replicate the sound of an early 70s Pulsonic Greenback, just to see if we could. Whether we succeeded is a matter of opinion, but the speaker sounds awesome, nonetheless.

G12-50GL Lynchback – Mr. Nasty

A few years ago, George Lynch came to us and requested we build him his perfect speaker. This is it. Beautiful saturated vintage rhythm tones together with a modern lead sound that befits a legendary Shredmaster.

G12 EVH – The Ultimate Brown Sound

Last but certainly not least is the EVH signature speaker. We sent him a several  Greenback variations to try and he chose this one. As Ed himself puts it, “Since day one, the 20-watt Greenback has been a big part of my sound”