Blackstar Amps Impulse Response – HT-212VOC MKII Seventy 80 (Open Back)


Enjoy the authentic tones of the Blackstar HT 212VOC MKII 2×12 open back cabinet loaded with two Celestion Seventy 80 speakers, to add to your arsenal when practicing at home, recording in the studio, or playing live on stage.

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The Blackstar HT 212VOC MKII 2×12 open back cabinet – combined with the two vertically-stacked Celestion Seventy 80 drivers – offers fantastic tone and projection while delivering a wide mid-range with defined, controlled lows.

Faithfully captured using three studio-quality mics (the Shure SM57, Royer R-121 and Sennheiser MD421), each microphone for this cabinet impulse response has been placed in seven fully-adjustable, unique positions to offer a range of different tones, named within the speaker IR as Balanced, Bright, Fat, Thin, Dark and Dark 2 and Rear.

The Blackstar HT 212VOC MKII 2×12 open back cabinet impulse response also contains three room mic recordings (Neumann TLM 107) with Left, Right and Stereo options, as well as twelve microphone mixes.

This Blackstar cabs IR file is downloaded in .WAV format for use on a wide range of plugins and amp modelling software.

What does it sound like?

Listen to a sample of this Impulse Response below.