Laney Amps Impulse Response Collection


Buy both of the Laney cabinet impulse responses (LA214 2×14 and LA412 4×12) as a pair and save up to 35% compared with buying them individually.



This collection of Laney cabinet impulse responses includes two different cabinets loaded with two of our most iconic Celestion guitar speakers:

  • Laney LA212 2×12 loaded with two Celestion G12M Greenbacks
  • Laney LA412 4×12) featuring four Celestion Heritage Series G12H(75)

This Laney Amps collection offers a saving of up to 35% compared to buying each cabinet IR individually. The tone achievable with the cabs included in this Laney collection are ideal for guitar players of all styles. As well as the range of different cab types available, this Laney collection also offers an exciting selection of two of our favourite speakers: the Celestion G12M Greenback and the Celestion Heritage Series G12H(75).

The Laney Amps Collection from our now-legendary Backline Heroes range is the perfect starter pack if you’re yet to experience the huge range of benefits that come as standard with Celestion impulse responses.

What does it sound like?

Listen to a sample of this Impulse Response below.

Laney LA212 2×12 G12M Greenback

Laney LA412 4×12 Heritage Series G12M (75Hz)