FAQs - Dynamic Speaker Response

There are IR files for each mic position, so when you change the mic position, you load a different file. DSRs incorporate dynamic mic positioning, simply move the mic position within the SpeakerMix Pro interface – no need to load a different file!

Yes you can use them both together in SpeakerMix Pro, they’ll be integrated seamlessly.

No. DSRs are a proprietary Celestion format only for use with the SpeakerMix Pro plug-in.

Impulse Responses are implemented through a process called “linear convolution”. Speakers behave in a non-linear way, especially when pushed hard: you get compression on some frequencies, harmonics and dissonances as different frequencies interact with each other which contributes to overall tonality. The linear convolution process isn’t able to exactly replicate some of these contributory factors.. They sound great, but the Dynamic Speaker Responses go a step further, incorporating the acoustic effects of the speaker’s non-linear behaviour which results in even greater levels of realism.

There is no time limit and you can download your files up to 5 times.