FAQs - SpeakerMix Pro

Yes. SpeakerMix Pro includes a high-level re-sampler: the “better” the input file, the “better” the result.

You can use .wav files, any sample rate and length.



Sure! An IR can be loaded on each channel with the send controls working pre-fader, i.e. independently from cabinet levels. Engage the Solo button for the room bus and only the room components will be mixed together and will reach the master bus.

Yes, with a max length limit set to one second. It is optimized for rooms, not thought of as a general reverb engine.

Check the mixer channel is not muted, or another channel is in solo. Then, check your input and output fader levels are above -∞. Try activating the Autogain button. This adjusts your output faders automatically to preserve the RMS level through the plugin.

Yes you can use them both together in SpeakerMix Pro, they’ll be integrated seamlessly.

Yes, you don’t need a permanent connection. You simply need to temporarily connect your workstation on installation, and for periodic updates and messages when requested by the software.

Yes you can. Check the SpeakerMix manual to see how to load your Impulse Responses, both for cabinets and for rooms.