FAQs - SpeakerMix Pro Demo

Simply purchase the full version and choose your 10- free individual DSRs cabinets (do this before you login to the full version of the plug-in or they won’t be automatically installed). Then re-login to the plug-in using your Celestionplus.com login details, when you’ve opened it in your DAW. No need to install any more software.

The only files that need to be update are the 10 free DSRs that you picked when you upgraded. Follow the instructions for DSR installation available in the download section of your Celestion Plus account page. Once installed, simply re-login to the same plugin used for the demo. SpeakerMix Pro will find your new full license and 10 DSRs and activate them.

The Demo DSRs are installed automatically by the executable installer provided with the Demo software. Once you upgrade to the full version of SpeakerMix Pro, you will need to select and download your DSRs from celestionplus.com then unzip and copy them into the Celestion/Dynamic_Responses folder on your computer.

The demo DSRs are provided as a sample of the DSRs that are available on Celestionplus.com. These are not be available when you upgrade to the full version of SpeakerMix Pro, however you do get to choose 10 free DSR cabs when you upgrade: it doesn’t have to be the same 10 in the demo, you can choose any that you like.

No, you can upgrade at any time. Even after the demo has expired.

You’ve got 14 days to try out the demo from time of checkout. It’s not possible to reset the timer.

Any DSRs you use in your mix, you’ll have to add that DSR to the full version of the plug-in to continue working with it. If you choose not to purchase the full plug-in, then any DSRs you’ve applied to your track will no longer function.

The plugin will recall it’s the last mix state on session opening unless you load a preset over it or delete it and make a new one. Any user IRs saved in presets will be recalled if they are still in the same directory as when the preset was saved (note any DSRs that are not valid will be silent when recalled in a preset, unless added to the full version of the plug-in).

Presets will recall any user IRs if they are located in the same directory. If you have selected the same DSR(s) when purchasing the full version of the plug-in, then they will work in your preset as normal. If you do not have the specific DSR (i.e. you picked different ones to those supplied in the demo software) that specific mixer channel will be silent in the preset. You get the mix settings back but no sound, so you can simply add a valid DSR in its place and re-save the preset.

Yes, you can.