Blackstar Amps Impulse Response – HTV-412B Seventy 80 (Closed)


Enjoy the unique tones of the Blackstar HT Venue 412B MKII 4×12 closed back cabinet impulse response featuring four Celestion Seventy 80 speakers.


The Blackstar HT Venue 412B MKII 4×12 closed back cabinet features rugged construction with finger-jointed birch plywood. And when combined with the four Celestion Seventy 80 speakers it comes loaded with, this Blackstar cab delivers a tightly-controlled low-end, punchy, aggressive, upper mids and crisp, accentuated highs – making it the ideal choice whatever your playing style.

This cabinet impulse response contains recordings with three professional microphones – the Shure SM57, Royer R-121 and Sennheiser MD421 – each placed in six fully-adjustable positions, named within the IR as Balanced, Bright, Fat, Thin, Dark and Dark 2.

This Blackstar HT Venue 412B MKII IR pack also contains three additional recordings using a Neumann TLM 107 room mic in Left, Right and Stereo, together with twelve microphone mixes.

All the Blackstar cabs impulse response files are downloaded in .WAV format for full compatibility with a huge range of contemporary plugins and amp sims.

What does it sound like?

Listen to a sample of this Impulse Response below.