G10 Vintage – 2×10 (Closed)


The Celestion G10 Vintage speaker Response in a 2×10 Open Back cabinet delivers the strong and creamy vocal tones of a 12”.

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The Celestion G10 Vintage 2×10 Closed Back digital download delivers the punch and fast response of a 10” speaker while delivering the strong, creamy vocal tones of a 12-inch, making it the ideal choice for adding Humbucker-type girth to your playing. Available now in both Impulse Response and Dynamic Speaker Response format. This speaker response offers a highly accurate digital representation of our classic G10 Vintage guitar speaker.

Add the G10 Vintage 2×10 Closed Back download to your collection today – the perfect choice for adding serious depth to your playing, at home, live or in the studio.

What does it sound like?

Listen to a sample of this Impulse Response below.