Heritage G12H (55)

The Celestion Heritage G12H 55Hz speaker impulse response offers guitarists the unmistakable mojo of late 60s rock guitar tones in a convenient, easy to use digital format.

The G12H (55) features a hefty 50oz ceramic magnet and a lower resonance 55Hz (aka 55 c/s) bass cone. This speaker was originally intended for use by bass guitarists, but was quickly adopted by lead players—most famously Jimi Hendrix—because of the warm ‘syrupy’ tones it delivered.

In singles and pairs it delivers strong and warm lows – but it’s in a 4×12 configuration where it comes into its own, generating a great chugging ‘thump’ of the kind that that guitar heroes are made of. With a densely complex mid-range and a fine-grained treble, the G12H (55) is excellent for cranking out brooding power chords, complemented by smooth and rich bridge pickup tones and flute-like neck pickup tones.

The Celestion Heritage G12H (55) speaker impulse response is available in 5 different cabinet configurations: 1×12 open back, 1×12 closed back, 2×12 open back, 2×12 closed back and 4×12 closed back. Or download the complete G12H (55) IR collection for a 40% saving.

Alternatively, add a G12H (55) cabinet to one of our IR Pick & Mix options