G12M-50 Hempback IR Collection


Get all the Impulse Responses (IRs) in this collection for the G12M-50 Hempback. Explore the full range of sounds for this sweet and smoky sounding hemp cone speaker, at a considerable saving over buying individual files. Includes five cabinet configurations: 1×12 (open and closed back), 2×12 (open and closed back) and 4×12 (closed back).

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Distinctive and well-defined, the Hempback delivers a balanced low end, plenty of mid-band character together with smooth, silky highs.

If you’re looking for a speaker to pair with your American voiced amp then look no further than a Hempback, which is primed to deliver true American-flavoured tone.

It’s a sweet and smoky sound that’s musical and responsive: try the Hempback impulse response and let your hemp tone shine through.

The G12M-50 Hempback is available as an Impulse Response (IR) library with five different cabinet types:

1×12 (open back)

1×12 (closed back)

2×12 (open back)

2×12 (closed back)

4×12 (closed back)

Each cabinet’s response has been captured using three of the best loved recording microphones, used in professional studios around the world. Each microphone is placed in six different locations, which gives a total of 18 core responses per cabinet.