V-Type DSR Collection


This collection features all the Dynamic Speaker Responses (DSRs) for the V-Type. Explore the full range of tones for this speaker at a considerable saving over buying the individual files. Includes five cabinet configurations: 1×12 (open and closed back), 2×12 (open and closed back) and 4×12 (closed back).

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Built with the contemporary guitarist in mind, the V-Type combes the best of vintage tone with modern design and construction techniques, to create a guitar speaker that sounds instantly familiar, yet surprisingly different.

What’s special about the V-Type is its warm, tactile feel. Highs are open and airy, but never shrill or brittle; complemented by full-bodied lows and a well-balanced midrange. Its superbly balanced tones have been captured as DSRs (Dynamic Speaker Responses) to provide you with reliable, authentic V-Type tone straight to your DAW.

In this collection pack you will receive DSR files for all five cabinets together:

1×12 (open back)

1×12 (closed back)

2×12 (open back)

2×12 (closed back)

4×12 (closed back)

Each cabinet’s response has been captured using three of the best loved recording microphones, used in professional studios around the world. Each microphone is placed in six different locations, which gives a total of 18 core responses per cabinet.