A-Type Impulse Responses


The Celestion A-Type is a different kind of guitar speaker waiting to be discovered. Still faithful to the Celestion sonic spirit; a big, blooming low-end meets relaxed mids and smooth, silky highs with surprising results. Explore new tonal possibilities and unleash a bold new voice from your amplifier.

Supremely musical and three-dimensional in sound, the A-Type has a more laid-back midrange than other speakers in our range, revealing body and complexity across the entire frequency spectrum. Players looking for clean tones will enjoy the smooth articulation, while rock fans will rejoice in the thundering low end.

Five impulse responses have been created for the Celestion A-Type speaker, showcasing the speaker in five individual cabinet types:

  • 1×12 (open back)
  • 1×12 (closed back)
  • 2×12 (open back)
  • 2×12 (closed back)
  • 4×12 (closed back)

In each cabinet recording, the corresponding impulse response has been captured with the help of 3 studio-grade microphones. Each mic has been placed in each of 6 different and individual locations (18 IRs in total).

In addition to this, we have added 8 further ‘mix IRs’ per cabinet by mixing single IRs together, to provide you with further tonal variety. You can find more information on mic combinations used for these mixes by clicking here.

Purchase each single cabinet-type impulse response pack individually. Alternatively, receive all five cabinets together by choosing the whole speaker Collection. These speaker impulse responses are provided for download as .wav files for complete compatibility with your amp modeller or convolution software. Click here for more information about IR file formats.

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    Download the complete collection of IR files for the Celestion A-Type speaker in one go and save more than 40% compared to buying them individually.

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  • A-Type - 1x12 (Open Back)

  • A-Type - 1x12 (Closed)

  • A-Type - 2x12 (Open Back)

  • A-Type - 2x12 (Closed)

  • A-Type - 4x12 (Closed)