Celestion G10 Gold DSR Collection


The Celestion G10 Gold DSR Collection includes 1×10 (open and closed back), 2×10 (open and closed back) and 4×10 (closed back) configurations.

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Seen as the ultimate 10” guitar speaker, the Celestion G10 Gold combines the mellowness of its Alnico magnet with the speed, responsiveness and articulation of a 10-inch driver.

Offering that unmistakable Alnico tone, while delivering a rich low-end, creamy mid-range and vintage, chiming top-end, the G10 Gold is springy, warm, revealing and highly expressive, adding a classy British sheen to any amp.

The Celestion G10 Gold speaker Dynamic Speaker Response (DSR) collection includes five different cabinet configurations:

  • 1×10 (open back)
  • 1×10 (closed back)
  • 2×10 (open back)
  • 2×10 (closed back)
  • 4×10 (closed back)