Custom DSR Collection (5 cabs)


Pick any 5 speaker/cabs from our dsr range using the selection panel below. To add a speaker/cab to your selection click the checkbox next to it – click again to remove. Your 5 choices can be from the same speaker or from different speakers, in any combination. When you have selected the five speaker/cabs you want, click the green Add to Basket button at the end of the page. Each speaker is available in 5 cabinet options: 1×12 (closed or open back), 2×12 (closed or open back), 4×12 (closed back). Don’t need 5 speaker/cabs right now? Try our 3 Cabinet Custom IR Collection instead.

Your selection:


G12K-100 - 1x12 (Open Back)

G12K-100 - 1x12 (Closed)

G12K-100 - 2x12 (Open Back)

G12K-100 - 2x12 (Closed)

G12K-100 - 4x12 (Closed)

G12T-75 - 1x12 (Open Back)

G12T-75 - 1x12 (Closed)

G12T-75 - 2x12 (Open Back)

G12T-75 - 2x12 (Closed)

G12T-75 - 4x12 (Closed)

G12M-65 Creamback - 1x12 (Open Back)

G12M-65 Creamback - 1x12 (Closed)

G12M-65 Creamback - 2x12 (Open Back)

G12M-65 Creamback - 2x12 (Closed)

G12M-65 Creamback - 4x12 (Closed)

G12H-75 Creamback - 1x12 (Open Back)

G12H-75 Creamback - 1x12 (Closed)

G12H-75 Creamback - 2x12 (Open Back)

G12H-75 Creamback - 2x12 (Closed)

G12H-75 Creamback - 4x12 (Closed)

G12-65 - 1x12 (Open Back)

G12-65 - 1x12 (Closed)

G12-65 - 2x12 (Open Back)

G12-65 - 2x12 (Closed)

G12-65 - 4x12 (Closed)

G12H Anniversary - 1x12 (Open Back)

G12H Anniversary - 1x12 (Closed)

G12H Anniversary - 2x12 (Open Back)

G12H Anniversary - 2x12 (Closed)

G12H Anniversary - 4x12 (Closed)

G12M Greenback - 1x12 (Open Back)

G12M Greenback - 1x12 (Closed)

G12M Greenback - 2x12 (Open Back)

G12M Greenback - 2x12 (Closed)

G12M Greenback - 4x12 (Closed)

Vintage 30 - 1x12 (Open Back)

Vintage 30 - 1x12 (Closed)

Vintage 30 - 2x12 (Open Back)

Vintage 30 - 2x12 (Closed)

Vintage 30 - 4x12 (Closed)

Celestion G10 Gold - 1x10 (Open Back)

Celestion G10 Gold - 1x10 (Closed)

Celestion G10 Gold - 2x10 (Open Back)

Celestion G10 Gold - 2x10 (Closed)

Celestion G10 Gold - 4x10 (Closed)

Celestion Ruby - 1x12 (Open Back)

Celestion Ruby - 1x12 (Closed)

Celestion Ruby - 2x12 (Open Back)

Celestion Ruby - 2x12 (Closed)

Celestion Ruby - 4x12 (Closed)

Celestion Blue - 1x12 (Open Back)

Celestion Blue - 1x12 (Closed)

Celestion Blue - 2x12 (Open Back)

Celestion Blue - 2x12 (Closed)

Celestion Blue - 4x12 (Closed)

G10 Vintage - 1x10 (Open Back)

G10 Vintage - 1x10 (Closed)

G10 Vintage - 2x10 (Open Back)

G10 Vintage - 2x10 (Closed)

G10 Vintage - 4x10 (Closed)

PULSE10 - 2x10 Bass (Ported)

PULSE10 - 4x10 Bass (Closed)

PULSE12 - 1x12 Bass (Ported)

PULSE15 - 1x15 Bass (Ported)