G12K-100 – 1×12 (Closed)


Experience authentic, monster tone at home, in the studio or live with the distinctive tones of the Celestion G12K-100 speaker in a 1×12 Closed Back cabinet configuration.

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The G12K-100 speaker response delivers a powerful, tight low end with a well-balanced midrange and plenty of clarity in the highs. This is a versatile, modern speaker with a gritty, industrial feel, especially suited to high gain, distorted playing.

This speaker response is ideal for lead solos or shredding due to its excellent precision and articulation. Turn down the gain for and enjoy warm, melodic tones, perfect for clean playing.

Experience authentic, monster K100 tone at home, in the studio or live with the Celestion G12K-100 a 1×12 Closed Back Impulse Response or Dynamic Speaker Response.

What does it sound like?

Listen to a sample of this Impulse Response below.