G12K-100 IR Collection


Download all five G12K-100 IR cabinets in one pack (1×12 Open, 1×12 Closed, 2×12 Open, 2×12 Closed and 4×12 Closed) and save 40% compared to buying them separately.

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Experience authentic, monster K100 tone at home, in the studio or live with the Celestion G12K-100 impulse response collection.

This is a versatile, modern speaker with a powerful, tight low end and a gritty, industrial feel, especially suited to high gain, distorted playing. But it also offers excellent clarity and articulation, great for lead solos or shredding, as well as a warm, melodic tones for clean playing.

The collection pack contains IR files for all five cabinets: 1×12 closed back, 1×12 open back, 2×12 closed back, 2×12 open back, and 4×12 closed back – providing you with the full tonal range of the G12K-100.